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Safely removing bee colonies from unwanted places 

If you find a honey bee colony has moved into a part of your property, whether it’s a chimney stack, brick wall or wooden shed, we can help you with safe removal.


Our aim wherever possible is to avoid dismantling your home, and to protect the colony. The bees we collect from any extraction are rehomed back at our Lakeside Garden Apiary, in the New Forest. 


We’re proud to provide community members with top-notch service. Our clients love working with us.


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"We love bees, and so wherever possible our primary aim is to extract honey bees and rehome them to a new hive in our cottage garden."



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Lakeside Bee Services offers a range of products and services to support the preservation of bee populations. Our live bee removal services are designed to safely remove bees from unwelcome locations and bring them back to our country garden apiary, where the colony can thrive.


We are have completed both Basic and Advanced bee removal courses, ensuring that we can provide the best service for you and the bees. We run day courses and demonstrations to support those interested in bee preservation or keen to start a new hobby as a bee keeper. For more experienced bee keepers we help you build on your skills by supporting with ongoing care and maintenance, and also offer support with bee hive installations. We only use natural products where possible and focus on the sustainability of hives.
Finally, there's our natural bee products which are made with produce from our country garden hives, such as wax candles and jars of raw unprocessed honey; everything comes from the Lakeside Garden Apiary.

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"Bees are fascinating creatures and as pollinators are essential in our ecosystem. They aren't pests and as a beekeeper I handle them with sensitivity, so rehoming them safely to our garden apiary is just about doing our bit to save bee populations."


Marcus Collings

 Beekeeper at Lakeside Bee Services

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Come and learn the secrets of successful bee keeping with us. Our bee school holds bee experience days and classes in a beautiful forest setting with a thriving garden apiary.


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Bee Hive


Care & Maintenance 

For the more experienced bee keepers we can help you build on the skills you already have by supporting bee hive installations or by our ongoing maintenance and bee care packages. 


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It's widely recognised that honey has great benefits when it comes to our health and wellbeing. The products we sell come from our own garden hives here at Lakeside.


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